Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A new found enjoyment

Beautiful Colours

He made the leaves turn colour
and told the roses "one last bloom"
before a frigid over-taking.
The squirrels collected and
stored food to last through
the icy winter months.

Cold and powerful, the wind
swept through everything
it could touch.
The rain, turning from warm
to cold, warned of the snow
that would soon cover the
hardening ground.
No longer is the dirt and
rich soil able to give
life and make strong
the plants and flowers.

To some,
death was closing in,
quietly invading.
Taking over the life
that had just begun
months before.
They give up themselves
and their souls.

But to others,
a quiet, peaceful sleep
was entering in gently.
The One who breathed life
was whispering a lullaby.

It was time for rest,
a time for renewal.
A time to heal and recuperate
before the next biggest reveal
when the pouring rains should come again.

The view, so serene and full of prayer.
One day when we become
stronger and the most vibrant
in colour we'll ever be.

I've never really written like this before. I started writing in a journal before I go to bed, and write my last thoughts. This poem, I guess I could call it, was just something I had on my mind. When I read it to my mom the next afternoon, she started to tear up and suggested that I take a writing class. Perhaps...