Monday, March 7, 2011

Sitting by the Candle Light

First of all,

Oh man, where has time gone?! I haven't blogged since Valentine's day!
Hopefully that will change, because I have quite a few things I want to blog about.

I'll get right on that.

Definitely need  to describe my amazing trip to Florida and Disney World.
Why I'm not enjoying school.
And how out of touch I feel with all of my friends.
Until then...

I LOVE candles

My mom adores candles. I got that from my mom.
Candles EVERYWHERE. And they have to be beautiful smelling ones.

Vanilla is my absolute favourite

When company comes over, they ALL get lit.
Half an hour before hand, so the house smells amazing.

Candles are also VERY romantic. 
Whoever my man ends up to be, I hope he puts the two together. 
It'll be very hard for me to say no if candles are involved.

Unfortunately, it is time do my art homework. 
A bid you all a good night!

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