Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Taste of Freedom and Adventure

FIRST OF ALL. I fail at postings...I should have known that already. Since I was 8 I've had a diary, some years there may have been 3 journal entries during that year? So I'm going to try a little harder on here since. Aha.

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity of going to Toronto! It was a GREAT weekend. I think the part I liked the most, was going back to Toronto and the ROM without parents. Not that I didn't enjoy doing that when I was little with my family! It was just nice to have the feeling of responsibility...getting our own directions and such for example. Most of the weekend, we played it by ear and it happened as we went along. Or taking the TTC, GoTrain, the Tram, the Subway, and the ViaRail...all in one weekend! It was very new to the three of us (GH, CF, and myself). Very exciting!

The boys, GH and CF.
Our first ride on the Subway!
    The weekend started off very early, for myself anyways. I had to finish packing my things the night before, I really don't leaving that to the morning of. Finally jumped in bed by 1am, full of energy because I was so excited for the weekend!
     The next morning I woke up at 5, I still needed to deliver early, but used to the job that my family has been doing since I was 8 years old. Woke up my sister and we headed off to deliver. Finally arrived back at out house at 6:20...I still had to shower! Luckily, I took a super fast shower, blow dried, AND straightened my hair. I felt very proud of myself.
    CF arrived with his dad at 7 and drove us to our grandparents house. We left Windsor by 7:30! Wow!
    After 5 long hours of listening to music on my BBT and CF's phone, creeping each others pictures on FB on my BBT, and making two stops along the way, we arrived in Toronto! My grandparents dropped us off close enough to an entry into the Subway system and we were on our own, ready to face this big 'ol city!
Walking towards Ryerson, of course
Gideon notices this shoe in a shop window!
      We took the Subway south for 15 minutes when we got off  at the Eaton Center. That is a HUGE mall. OH. MY. WORD. Crazy in there, especially with everyone still doing shopping with all the sales.
     We found an exit close to Ryerson and headed towards the school. We passed a nearly burned down building where the whole street was sectioned off and a fire truck and two police cars sat parked. It was really crazy.
     Got to one of the many building of Ryerson U...which was NOT the Engineering building. No one was really around, and no tours were going around so we went exploring! Muahaha! It was quite exciting looking around the nursing/sociology building. The boys decided we'd come back on Sunday after we had actually found directions to the right building.
We rode on the Tram from the Eaton Center
to the Dimsum in China Town.
     We met up with a friend from high school, who now goes to Queens in their Engineering program, but who was still staying with her dad in Markham. She came down and met us back at the Eaton Center and we mall crawled for a bit until we decided we wanted some food.
     BC led us into China town to a Dimsum (small bites) also called Sky Dragon. It was really interesting food! Thankfully because BC happens is Chinese and knows the language, she was able to get us more normal food. Aha. We enjoyed shrimp, beef, squid tentacles, some rice pudding dish, cow tendons and jellyfish. I didn't go near the cow tendons (reminds me too much of anatomy class, I can't stomach it because it's so familiar).
CF, BC, and GH waiting in line to buy
our GoTrain tickets to Markham.
    We stayed there until 4 or so, knowing that we need to get tickets and catch the GoTrain up to Markham to meet our aunt at 6. We walked back to the Eaton Center and hopped back on the Subway where we had to go back down to Union Station where we bought our GoTrain tickets. We sat down and chatted for awhile, knowing our train didn't arrive in the station for another 45 minutes.
     Finally the train and arrived and we were told which platform to go to. We headed off, the crowd was so large I felt like we were a heard of cows entering their pen. I checked the pocket my ticket was in...or I thought it was in. "Uh-oh". I couldn't find it. I checked all of my other pockets in my pants, my sweater, my coat and my purse. NOTHING.
The 4 inches of a beautiful white
layer of snow I woke up to!
      Shoot. I'm in huge trouble. We got on the train anyways and prayed that this would be a time no one checked for our tickets. Thankfully, no one did and we arrived safely in Markham where our aunt was awaiting our arrival. We quickly jumped in the van and started off, CF and GH telling my aunt what silly thing I had done.
     We got home and quickly had dinner, but had enough time to explain to the rest of the family and my grandparents my blond moment back at Union Station. Jokingly my aunt said "Now don't forget your tickets for your cousins play tonight!" while handing me my ticket. "Pffft. As if."
    We finished dinner and quickly got into the car and all buckled in. My aunt turned around and asked, "does everyone have their tickets?".
    "You have got to be kidding..." I thought to myself. I had left my ticket on the front table in the foyer. "Be right back!" I got my ticket and ran back to the car and we were off! CF from then held on to my train ticket for Sunday night and my ROM ticket.
Boys being grumpy because we
had to wait in the cold...and think
everything is my fault.
     We arrived at the theater where my cousins high school play/musical was held. WOW. At our high school we just presented our musicals in our school gymnasium. The musical was called "Wonderful Town". Really weird plot and we found there were a lot of loose ends that weren't put together again, but it was very well done! The three leads (two female and one male) were absolutely amazing. Their voices as well were fantastic. The three hour musical finished, we being satisfied and our cousin playing his querky part perfectly.
    Back at the house, I got to spend time with my cousin Rachel, whom I haven't spent time with for over a year, so it was really awesome to be able to catch up. My aunt also insisted that plans were made PERFECT for the next morning (since we wanted to meet up with LC and PMcT). We were just going to wing it, we all had texting. But she wouldn't allow it, therefore a call to LC at 11pm was done. Fell asleep around 1:30.
Me waiting at the bus stop in
Markham...the only picture I took
of myself the entire weekend.
    I got up the next morning at 8 to 4 inches of fluffy white snow. Wonderful. It was actually very beautiful outside...Windsor doesn't get much of this at all!
    My aunt dropped us off at a TTC bus stop where we waited for 10 minutes for the bus. We took the 15 minutes down to Scarborough Town Center where we met up with LC and PMcT. After having some breakfast for the boys and coffee for LC and myself, we got onto the TTC train, then transfered onto the Subway, bringing us into downtown Toronto! Woot!
    After getting lost for a minute and going the wrong direction (the boys blaming us two girls), we righted ourselves and finally made it to the ROM!
     Guess where we went first?
Dun dun dun....the weapons part of the museum. Of course. We had two army boys with well as GH who knows a decent amount about these sort of things. LC and I talked about who was returning to FH the next PMcT shaking his head at us. Hahaha. We just weren't as interested in the history of guns and weapons. Yeah, it was kinda cool, but with not really having any knowledge about it...we were good with looking forward to this summer.
The three cuties dove into kids tunnel under
 the moose, where I just HAD to get a picture!
     Our favourite part was the animals. That area is my personal favourite, bringing back so many memories. It was fantastic. We went through the bat cave as well. I didn't really mind it so much, but while I was listening to the commentary everyone else had made their way out the other side. I started towards the other end when LC came back in quickly, telling me that the boys were going to scare me when I got out that end. We went back the way we came and went around the other side. (I KNEW that if I had continued without warning there would have been people staring from my high pitched scream...i'm a little twitchy, what can I say?).
     We also visited the dinosaurs. CF and I dug up some bones. Good times. =)
     We visited all of the areas except for the art, unfortunately. I was looking forward to seeing it! No one else was interested though...
This picture goes along
with the next one.
     2pm came along....Lunch time! Headed out and grabbed some McDonalds and Subway. We went back into the ROM afterwards, LC really wanted to see the mummies still. The boys, we think though, were down with the ROM before lunch. After we left, we headed to the Eaton Center because BC wanted to see us one last time. We walked around, CF and myself bought two shirts each. Yay!
     We said our goodbyes to BC and hopped back on the Subway and the TTC returning to PMcT's car. Before heading home we made a pop and chips, and blockbuster stop.
     Making it to the LC's house, we saw LC and IC! They watched the first movie with us (Minority Report = fantastic movie). Followed by 3:10 to Yuma (interesting Western movie, though I had to turn away at some points because of some bloody or gross scenes). Last but not least, we watched Predator. I've only wasted my time a few times watching stupid my movies. For example, A Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez. This movie, Predator, was tied with that movie in my books. NO plot. Lots of guns. Lots of blood and gore and grossness. Thank goodness for GH and PMcT warning me for every gory scene. NEVER AGAIN.
No way?! We never knew that! (We laughed)
     Bedtime was at 2:45 for myself (LC already hit the sack) while finding out the next morning the boys fell asleep by 5...talking about the army and guns. Mmmmhm.
    Got up at 9 and showered, feeling much cleaner from this crazy weekend. Everyone got up (boys are slow..who knew?!).
     After going to church, we came back and made lunch, grilled cheese! I sliced the cheese, and made the sandwhiches while PMcT toasted and buttered the pieces of bread. I had never made grilled cheese on a skillet the temperature was a little high and burned a few of the sandwiches...I blame PMcT. He didn't finish the last batch so I did them, where I was distracted from flipping the grilled cheese...oops! But nothing BBQ sauce can't fix. YUMMY!
Hard to see, but the sun looked like it
was shining straight up! The sunset
on the train was beautiful.
     After being saying our goodbyes to LC and PMcT at the Subway station, we left back to the right Ryerson building. They boys explored while I sat watching the bags, listening to Camp Rock 2 and holding onto CF's knife...I felt somewhat safer.
     CF feeling satisfied, we then checked out a comic book store (SO SUPER AWESOME!!!!) then an Army surplus store for CF where he bought a very large knife and a new tilly hat.
     We ran back to a Subway station and hitched it back to Union Station where we got our ViaRail tickets for 4:45, stopping at Harvey's for dinner before running to the train to attempt to get a booth of seats together. Nopes, didn't happen. I sat by myself most of the ride and listened to music. It was a nice change from driving (making that trip from home to past camp and back at least 4 trips a year these last three years).
     Finally arrived home at 10pm and was safe and sound. Was one of my most favourite and memorable weekends!
Here are a few more pictures of the weekend!
Walking the streets in downtown TO with BC.
Gigantic tv screen outside the Eaton Center.
Two of three of my knights in shining armor. 
I love these people.
Childhood memories being brought back to life.
These boys are great. Aside from teasing me the ENTIRE weekend about EVERY single little thing.
I was called a ginger and a blonde at the same time?!
   Until next time...

Rebekah J. 

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