Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Country Girl at Heart

I've never lived in the country. The closest to any life like that would have been for 4 months when I stayed in a house with a good friend across the street from the camp (Fair Havens) we worked at.

     The barn was very old and wearing away, used as a storage for the camp. The house was falling apart, the bricks coming loose and the shingles falling off. Surrounded by tall pine trees, hiding the house from the highway.

          But it was rustic and beautiful. This building has housed so many families since it was built in the 1800s, it has so much history. There was a well farther in the backyard, which we used at first because the water hadn't been hooked up yet. The huge handle, up and down, pumping the water into our little pale.
          Then there was the chicken coop KL worked on before I had gotten there. A run was added to the front and was made predator free! At the end of June on the 24th, KL picked up our 7, pre-ordered chickens. They were adorable and laid eggs for us almost every day.
          I also grew my own vegetable garden too! Though as this was my first time planting a garden, it ended up being in planters that didn't have enough room for the many plants I got. Next summer I plan on actually digging up a garden in front of the old barn, and having plenty of room. I was able to pick two different kinds of beans throughout the summer, though. They were delicious!
          I loved having this place to get away too. I enjoyed having my quiet time, not being around the hustle and bustle of people doing things all the time around the camp. My brother, GH, came around once to check the place out. He told me "There is no way I could stay here, it's way too out of the way. I thrive with being around people. But I know this is your spot. It's perfect."
          After this past weekend of being in Toronto, it's just reinforced the fact that there's no way I'd move into a huge city. TOO BUSY. I was freaked out walking through the streets, passing creepy looking people, as if something was about to go down. I grabbed onto GH's back pack and didn't let go!
          We were also in the Eaton Center on Saturday afternoon, waiting in Bluenotes for BC. I couldn't stand it. Too many people. Feeling...claustrophobic! I was having trouble breathing and ran out of there. I went around the corner and sat against the wall, put my Camp Rock 2 music on my BBT and putting my earphones in, I had a moment to relax. No thank you. I like the quiet.
          Even after coming home from the weekend and telling my mom, she knows i'm going to be somewhat of a country hick. I've told her for years that I want out of Windsor. I'm just not a fan.
          My plan is, Lord willing:

Finish this semester with flying colours,

                                 go to camp from May 1 to September 3, living with KL for preseason (May/June) and
                                          cabin parenting for the summer as well as Junior High YMT,

                                                                                  moving to London and renting a house with AM and
                                                                                        EK, getting a job, taking a few art classes,
                                                                                                 cleaning and cooking up a storm every night,
                    moving back home to Windsor the following spring and getting a job
                              for the summer,
                                                        returning to the University of Windsor to finish up and upgrade my
                                                                   first semester,
                                   moving back to London for that Winter semester and getting
                                             into Western's kinesiology program straight into the teaching section,

        finding a boy, and getting married within it all,
                                                                  settling down north of Toronto into an old house and renewing it,
                                                                        while raising a family and being a stay at home mom with
                                                                                        chickens, a black lab descendent of Snowflake,
                                                                                                    going to call her Jasmine,
                                                                              and getting a few horses,
                                                   perhaps when the kids have moved out I will go start back to teaching
                                          phys. ed. and working with Junior youth students (grade 6-8).

That's the plan. I'm excited. But it's all Lord-willing. Perhaps my God wants me elsewhere. We shall see what comes at me, and I hope to be ready for whatever my heavenly father has in store for me!

Coming again another time,

Rebekah J.