Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapter Two

The two girls made their was down the long hallway and through the kitchen to the front door. They both seemed hesitant to grab the door handle. Brenwyyn finally reached her hand out, very slowly. She opened the door just enough so they could poke one eye out
Mass chaos had erupted, where there were people running everywhere in a frenzy. Mothers running and grabbing their small children as quickly as they could. The men were even running away, but still trying to protect their families. From what they were running from, Brenwynn and Emillianna could not tell.
Then, out of the shadow from between the two houses across the street, ran a a huge, ugly looking creature. It had a foot and a half long sword in its hand, but it wasn’t using it to hurt people, from what the girls could tell. Once the creature had ran off, the girls slowly opened the door a little more to get a better understanding of the situation. It seemed that the creatures were scaring and herding everybody like cattle into the center of Fairewood.
“Hey, they remind me of those creatures called Torax. I saw a picture of one in a book once,” said Emillianna, worry on her face.
“Em. Those ARE Torax!” cried Brenwyyn. The two girls ran back inside and locked the door. “What are we supposed to do?!”
“I don’t know. But I think you should, somehow, sneak home so your parents know you’re safe!” suggested Emillianna.
“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Brenwyyn and Emillianna gave each other a big hug. “Be careful, okay? Don’t leave the house.”
“Alright, I won’t. Be safe and don’t get caught!”
With one last sad look at each other, Brenwyyn took the back door out. Checking to see that there weren’t any Torax near, she bolted to the house across the way. She was so scared. Her heart was pounding so loud she could hear it. Her chest felt like it had the world’s biggest mountain on it.
Brenwyyn was about to turn the last corner to her house when she saw a familiar face hiding behind a pile of debris across the way. Mythran’s face was pure white with fear, his eyes showing this emotion the most. He tried to signal for her to get down. But Brenwyyn could only focus on the loud thumps coming for the other side of the house getting closer and closer.
Suddenly, a Torax stepped out from right around the corner. Brenwyyn now understood the reason for the terrified look on his face and hand gestures and ducked down. The Torax kept moving around the corner in Mythran’s direction and would soon see him. Brenwyyn knew that she needed to do something quick to get the Torax’s attention distracted just long enough for Mythran to run to safety.
Brenwyyn looked around her and found a broken mirror. She grabbed the biggest piece, that was about the size of her hand, and put it into the light so it would be reflecting towards the Torax. It worked. The Torax saw the shimmering piece of glass and started a light jog toward it. Brenwyyn heard the giant thuds of long strides and took that as a hint to get going. She dropped the glass and ran back around the building. When the Torax realised that something bigger was going on, he started sprinting, the thuds picking up speed.
Brenwyyn ran faster. She didn’t think she could keep going. Her body felt like very heavy stone. She never could run the long distances or keep sprinting on and off. Her brothers were better for that.
During the school year, the students would have races to see who was the fastest sprinting, or who could run the fastest for the longest. Brenwyyn never enjoyed that.
About two houses down, she noticed Mythran running out from behind the next house. He pointed to a little hole and then jumped in. She knew she couldn’t give up now and ran all the faster to get in the hole before the Torax saw her. When she finally reached their new hiding spot, she jumped in and saw Mythran curled up, making room for her. They didn’t say a word. The only sound was their breathing and the attempt to make it as quiet as possible while catching their breath.
The giant thuds stopped right outside the hole, but the hole wasn’t very visible from him looking right above it. He decided that he’d lost this battle and moved on. Brenwyyn and Mythran didn’t dare move for what seemed like an eternity.
Brenwyyn decided that they needed to get back home and assure that the two of them were safe. Very slowly she poked her head out of the hole looking around for any signs of danger. When she made the decision that it was safe to leave, she motioned to Mythran with her hand and they both slowly crawled out. They headed back to the house swiftly and quickly, not saying a word.
Once they entered the back door, their mother, Marissa, grabbed them and hugged them so tight that they almost couldn’t breathe.
“ I thought those creatures got you two! I’m so happy you both are safe!” whispered her mother through her tears. Suddenly she let go and turned her attention toward Mythran. “Why would you go off by yourself to look for your sister? You could have been killed!”
“That’s true. I just happened to see him right before anything bad…”
Marissa cut her off. “I don’t want to hear it. Now both of you go into the safe house and stay there. If you see any of your siblings, bring them there with you.” Her mother let go of Brenwyyn and ran out of the house.
Brenwyyn  and Mythran ran to the safe house, which was out in the farthest part of their yard near the forest, and jumped inside. Garett and Loranne were already there. They both were white with fear and were huddled together in the far corner.
“Brenwyyn!” yelled Loranne. She ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. “We thought you guys were gone forever!”
“Don’t talk that way! We’re fine,” she replied. “We’re all going to be okay.” Brenwyyn wanted to sound as convincing as possible because inside, she was really worried. “Come sit down. We just have to wait for Niilus.”
Their parents jumped in soon after. Marissa looked around for a second, relief rushing out of her, though her dismay came quickly returned. “Where is Niilus?!” she asked.
“I’ll go find him. You all stay here!” said Dargen. He started to leave but Marissa grabbed his arm.
“I’m coming with you! Don’t any one of you leave, you understand?!”
“Yes Mom, yes Dad.” They all replied.
     “We love you guys and are so proud of all of you” she smiled, crying. Their parents quickly darted out of the safe house, so quiet the kids could barely hear them leave.
It was a very quiet wait. No one said a word. Finally, Niilus entered. He had scrapes along both of his legs and a gash on his head. “What happened?!” asked Brenwyyn. She jumped up and inspected his gash and decided it had stopped bleeding but ripped a piece of her pants off and wrapped it around his head in case it started bleeding again.
“I was in the forest looking around again, but I didn’t hear any screaming until I started coming out. When I did hear the screaming, I bolted to the house. I ran inside and looked around, but couldn’t find anyone. I went out to the street, and all I saw was this giant creature. It saw me and started running at me, so I ran off wherever I could go. I looked back at one point to see where it was, and I tripped on a fallen board and smashed my head on a rock. I figured it wasn’t after me anymore because I was sitting there for quite awhile. When I got up I decided to come here, and here I am.” Niilus sat down and got into a comfortable position.      After a moment, he realized that Marissa and Dargen weren’t there. “Where’s mom and dad?!” asked Niilus frantically.
“The last time we saw them was half an hour ago when they left to look for you,” said Garrett. Niilus started crying and blaming himself that their parents were probably dead.
“No, it’s not your fault, Niilus. They loved you, and would do anything for you,” said Brenwyyn, who was trying her hardest to try to comfort him. They all started crying.
Brenwyyn got up and lit the lantern with some of the fire starters they kept in there at all times. The room was just big enough to fit ten people in comfortably to sleep and to move around. Every family had a safe house, though they weren’t used very often.
The last time she remembered having to stay in there, was when she was very little. There were rumours of a dark wizard crossing into their area. Most people didn’t believe that wizards still existed, but everyone hid out for three days anyways, just in case. Nothing really happened, and no one knows if there actually was a dark wizard who had meandered through their little village.
Brenwyyn turned her attention back towards her brothers and sister huddled in the corner. She gave a little warm smile and walked towards them, sitting down cross-legged. She gestured Loranne to come sit beside her. The little, red-eyed, girl quickly jumped over to where her older sister was sitting.
“They will be ok, I promise. You guys have to have faith in them. They are grown adults and can take care of themselves. How else have they survived taking care of the five of us?” Brenwyyn attempted to get a little humour out of them but it didn’t seem to work.
Garrett piped in, “With whatever happens, we have to stick together. We can prove to them that we can take care of each other. They’ll be so proud of us.”
Loranne and Niilus gave little nods in understanding and agreement. Mythran, on the hand, was worrying Brenwyyn. He was the fastest kid and had the most determination than anyone else she could think of. He portrayed such a strong character of himself, especially at home. It was unnerving to Brenwyyn.
“Are you ok, Mythran? You haven’t said much or responded any.”
After a moment, he spoke up. “I don’t want mom and dad to die. We have to find them and tell them that we’re all together.”
Brenwyyn made sure to choose her words carefully. “If any of us leave, it will be like a wild goose chase. If we all leave and they come back to find us not here, they will fear the worst. If they have been captured, then all we can do is hope that they can escape alive. Let me think on this over the night, because the longer we stay, the longer the Torax have time to find our hiding place.”
Everyone become quiet again and drifted off into their own worlds. Brenwyyn decided to leave the light on for comfort and proceeded to grab a pile of blankets in a container in the far corner. She gave one to each of them, motioning that people should take some time to sleep.
Loranne stayed close to Brenwyyn, although Brenwyyn didn’t mind. Soon enough she heard her little sister asleep, as it always happened that way. Brenwyyn has had her thinking time while lying in bed, waiting for sleep to take her.
She thought long and hard on the hard decisions that needed to be made tomorrow. Sleep had over taken her before she had made a conclusion of her thoughts and quickly entered a dreamless night.

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