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Chapter One

Soulterra: A Journey Across

Chapter 1

    Brenwyyn didn’t move a muscle, while the light breeze played with her curly, dark brown hair, making it dance in the wind. Even though she was in an uncomfortable position, her arms starting to tingle, she did not dare to move because even the slightest sound would alert the mother and baby doe. If the mother felt that there was even a hint of danger, she would know that her new born would not be fast enough to escape and she would leave it on its own.
    Instead of thinking of her arms getting tired from holding herself up, she focused on the movements the new born made to stand for the very first time. He begun with attempting to straighten his back legs, bum in the air, and face in the ground. After that, he tried straightening his front legs. No success this time, his weak legs collapsed. But he didn’t give up! After the third try and a few minutes of steadying himself, he finally stood with no help from mom.
    He took his first few steps and loved them. The little baby deer started prancing around, like this day was the most joyous day he’d ever have. Every so often he’d fall and trip over himself, but he would get up right away and start all over. Brenwyyn was amazed that the little baby deer had the determination to not give up and master the ability to walk in such a short time, while humans take months to learn to walk. Brenwyyn realised that she should get back to weeding the garden. She knew she only had an hour left, and as soon as she was done she would be free to do what she wanted before dinner. As quietly as she could to not disturb the mother and baby, she got up and ran back to the garden, her curly, dark brown hair flipping and bouncing in sync with her 18 year old legs taking quick, graceful steps. She was almost six feet tall, which was tall for a human girl her age.
    Brenwyyn got back and started weeding around the strawberries. She had been weeding for half an hour when her mother, Marissa, came to check on her progress. “How’s it going out here, Bren?” she asked.
    “It’s going well. I’m almost done. Maybe another half an hour left.”
    “Well, when you’re finished, I left some blueberry biscuits and a mug of milk on the table in the garden patio. Thank you, my daughter, for helping out.”
    Brenwyyn smiled in return before her mother turned around and head back to the house. Brenwyyn finished as soon as she could. Milk and blueberry biscuits were her favourite snack. She and her mom always made them together when Brenwyyn was younger. She loved her mom so much. Marissa was full of compassion and had such a huge amount of faith and determination, Brenwyyn didn’t understand how her mother was always happy.
    When times were tough, and food was short, her mother always had a reason to smile and to be positive in ever situation. It was amazing to Brenwyyn, and she looked up to her mom for that. She was such a strong-willed person and was most often free to sit down and talk about anything. Great advice was an extra bonus for her and her mother’s relationship.
    Once Brenwyyn had finished her labour some task of weeding, she stepped back to admire her work. The plants all stood out and had plenty of room to continue growing. She was proud of her work, weeding being one of her favourite chores because she could see the growth from the work she put in. She enjoyed those jobs the most where the work was full-filling and satisfying.
    While brushing her hands together to take off the layer of dirt, she headed to the garden to enjoy her biscuits and milk. On the way to the garden, she suddenly heard a horrible scream.
    Brenwyyn panicked. She thought it sounded like Loranne, her little sister. “Where are you?!” yelled Brenwyyn, frantically trying to find where the scream came from. She found her sister, Loranne, running around like crazy. Brenwyyn ran up to her sister and grabbed her shoulders so she wouldn‘t keep moving around. “What’s wrong?! Are you hurt?”
    “No, I can’t find my paints!” said Loranne in frustration.
    “Oh.” Said Brenwyyn, letting go of her sister and taking a step back. Brenwyyn was a little ticked off that Loranne wasn’t hurt and that she wasn’t freaking out over a life-threatening injury. But, she was glad that her sister wasn‘t hurt at all. “I think I saw them last in the chest in the patio.”
    “Thanks Bren! You’re the best! Sorry for freaking out over my paints.” Loranne apologized, giving Brenwyyn a big hug. Loranne ran off to the patio, grabbed her paints from the chest and started walking to a spot to paint.
    Brenwyyn loved her sister. She was skinny and elegant just like her but she had the body of someone who could run from their quaint village of Fairewood, to the next village and back faster then someone walking to the that same village. She was also the most artistic person she knew. Loranne would spend hours painting and sketching a plant, or an animal she found. She brought her supplies with her everywhere.
    She was also always playing rough games with all of the village boys. Because she had three older brothers, she had a tendency to enjoy non-girlie activities like playing physical games. Though at the same time she could dress up so beautifully, and you would never know she enjoyed boys games.
    On top of all of that talent, Loranne was so very smart and often went to the village wise woman who would tell her stories of old and how everything in the land worked.
    The old wise woman’s name was Ghanna. She seemed to know everything there was to know about all of Soulterra. Her old stories from when she was just a little girl about the Wars of Power appeared so fascinating. It was like everything that she was saying, was going on right in front of you. The kids all wanted to believe they were real. All of the adults, though, thought that they all really were just stories. Loranne believed completely the opposite.
    Brenwyyn loved her sister so much. They were best friends. Even though Loranne was still seven years younger than her, Loranne had become old enough for Brenwyyn to talk about more grown-up things. She was happy that she could now share clothes with her sister because they were pretty much the same size now.
    When Brenwyyn arrived at the garden patio she sat down on the wooden swinging bench her father, Dargen, had made. He had used the wood from the old tree that had been struck by lightning the year before. As kids, they would climb the tall tree and look at their village and to the land beyond.
    They would play games as children, pretending that they were making a huge journey to the other side of Soulterra to fight the bad people that were threatening to capture every good person. Sometimes, Loranne would be a princess from across the scorching desert, trapped in a huge castle. Her three brothers would work together to help her escape, while Brenwyyn was the evil old woman, who kept the princess from ever falling in love and seeing her parents again.
    When they climbed the tree, all they could see was flat, grassy land in every direction except for the forest to the north. But they knew that to the north and west was the edge of Soulterra and to the west was their neighbouring village, Dieejen. It was almost a days walk there from Fairewood. It was a very small village though, which was not good enough to trade supplies with. For supplies they traveled three days to Squyvelle. To the southeast, was the castle of Rakun and the land beyond. King Rolfan and prince Ruthord ruled the land of Soulterra from Rakun. King Rolfan was a good king, but had recently fallen deathly ill. He made sure everyone was protected and that the Torax clan were kept at bay. On the other hand, nobody knew what Prince Ruthord had been up to since then.
    Brenwyyn took a bite of a blueberry biscuit and thought that it was absolutely delicious. It was soft and warm and not too crumbly. She picked up the mug, feeling it’s smoothness. Their neighbours were pottery makers, and had made a set of mugs and plates for her family a couple years before. She ended up eating three more biscuits and drank the mug of cold milk before sitting back to enjoy the sights and smells of the garden. There were Sweet William, Scabiosa, Dendrobium Orchid, Bouvardia, Watsonia, Gladiolus, Casablanka Lily, and Lisianthus. Her favourite was the Casablanka Lily because they were huge white flowers that looked like they were wilting, but were actually full of life. She and her mother had planted that garden together years before. It was one her favourite memories she had with her mom.
    Satisfied, Brenwyyn picked up the plate of biscuits and her mug and brought them inside and placed them on the counter in the kitchen. She washed her mug in the sink and put it away in the cupboard, and covered the plate of biscuits with a cloth so they wouldn‘t get old as fast. Now that she finished her chores, she didn’t have anything to do for an hour until she had to be at her friend, Emillienna’s home.
    Brenwyyn decided to head over to the wood shop her father used for work, to take up that time. Her father Dargen was a carpenter who made chairs, tables, bookshelves, and anything else that could be made out of wood He used the best wood he could get his hands on, including the beautiful red Chingua tree. It had a wonderfully bright colour that added brilliance to a room, but one has to be very talented to work with the wood because it was very unforgiving. Her father was amazing at his job and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    When she got to the workshop, she found Dargen and her three brothers, Garett, Mythran, and Niilus. It looked like they were making the baby bed for Lord Auster and his wife’s new baby which was on the way. It was going to be their first child and everybody was getting really excited. New things didn’t happen very often in Fairewood, so the small village celebrated everything new. There was going to be lots of gifts, food, and gathering.
    “Hey Bren. What are you up to?” asked Garett. He was a year younger than Brenwyyn and they were best friends. She always laughed at him when he would carry the village girls’ water pails to and from the well. He was very outgoing, unlike her, and would get all of the girls. Most of the girls were in love with him too. He was tall, and had very curly, brown hair. He was always the one who got to picks teams because he had a very muscular build and was pretty competitive. All of the girls loved that about him.
    Mythran was 15. Brenwyyn and Mythran were always teasing each other, but he almost always won their fake teasing wars. He was very smart and very active, but was very quiet. Sometimes, it would show that he was a little jealous that Garett was able to get all of the girls to follow him. Because he was so quiet, the girls always noticed Garett more often. Their mother was always reminding him though, that his time would come and he would find the perfect girl and she would love him for being himself.
    Niilus was 13 and the most adventurous. He was always missing somewhere in the forest beside their house, watching animals and looking at plants. He kept a notebook of all of the things he discovered. Sometimes, Loranne, who was 11, would tag along and use her artistic skills and paint pictures of the things Niilus found. He was very mysterious and could easily manipulate people. Usually for good, but sometimes for bad.
    “Oh, I’m just watching you men work until I have to leave to Emillianna’s ,” answered Brenwyyn.
    “Well, have fun. Don’t get into too much trouble,” Mythran said jokingly. Everyone laughed. They all knew that Brenwyyn wasn’t the kind of person that would get in to trouble for doing stupid things. She was mostly a big help and loved to get along with everyone.
    The work room was very well lit, to lessen the chance of someone hurting themselves while using the equipment. The whole front was open, the big doors pulled back when Dargen or the boys were working. Dargen never usually worked while it was dark and really cloudy out. Though that wasn’t often because where they lived, it was sunny most days.
    When it was sunny out, it wasn’t humid, and always had gentle breeze. That’s the way Brenwyyn liked it. Her second favourite weather was when the huge lightening and thunderstorms came across their village of Fairewood. Since they didn’t come very often, Brenwyyn figured the weather was making big storms every once in awhile instead of little ones all of the time. The lightening was her favourite part, lighting up the entire sky like it was a regular sunny day. It was beautiful. Magnificent streams of light reaching from one horizon to the next, while the thunderous booms were beating like giant drums, accenting the light.
    Brenwyyn realized she had drifted off dreaming when she realised that it was time to get going. She said goodbye to her brothers and father and headed towards the road.
She thought about the first time she met her best friend. It was back when she was 6 and she was playing in the village park. All of the families bring their young children there so their children have occupied themselves with playing and making friends giving the parents a chance to talk.
    Brenwyyn was on the rope swing and was trying to swing as high as she could, when she heard a bunch of boys laughing by the slide. She went to see what was going on and found a little girl sitting on the ground crying, curled in a ball. The boys were surrounding her and were laughing at her and calling her names. Jackler, the leader of the group, saw Brenwyyn watching and yelled “What are you staring at? Do you want to join her?”
    Brenwyyn shrunk away from his yelling at her and became invisible to the group again and they went on teasing the poor little girl. Brenwyyn ran back to where her mother was and told her what was going on. Her mother then ran to the group of boys and broke up the group. The other parents noticed what was going on and came to grab their children. Brenwyyn described what had happened to everyone with a few rude interruptions from Jackler. The mother of Jackler, who was a very understanding woman, took her son by the ear and dragged him home. He never bullied anyone ever again.
    The girl that was being teased walked up to Brenwyyn and thanked her.
    “Thank you for helping me.”
    “Your welcome.” Brenwyyn replied. “What’s your name?”
    “My name is Emillianna. What’s yours?”
    “My name is Brenwyyn. Do you want to play together tomorrow?”
    “Okay,” she had replied.
    Brenwyyn and Emillianna had been best friends ever since and many people their age were a little jealous of how close their friendship was. Brenwyyn was very proud to have Emillianna as her best friend. She was just a little shorter than she was, and was one of the most beautiful girls in their village. She was never afraid to say what was on her mind, and was the most trustworthy person Brenwyyn knew. They could talk about anything together.
     One of her favourite memories was when they stayed at Emillienna's aunt's house the summer before. Her uncle was away working, while four out of six cousins had become very sick. Her aunt needed some extra help to take care of them until her husband got back. During their stay at Em's aunt's house, they stayed in a room together. They felt like real sisters and they loved helping out. She remembered when she would take Em's laundry and go wash it and bring it back before Em found out. Brenwyyn felt so sneaky and she enjoyed having their room clean every once in awhile.
    Brenwyyn arrived at Emillianna’s house and walked in. Their families were very close because of their friendship and so they acted as if they both just had two sets of parents and two houses.
     Brenwyyn appeared in the doorway of her friend’s bedroom and saw her on her bed, looking at pictures. She looked up and saw Brenwyyn standing there. She smiled.
    “Come sit with me! I found these pictures from when we were little.”
    “Oh cool!” Brenwyyn climbed on the bed with her. Emillianna handed Brenwyyn a picture of the day their families first had dinner together.
    “Wow, this looks so old. Though this seems like it was just yesterday,” said Brenwyyn. They laughed.
    “Remember when your brothers and my brother found that huge hollowed out tree, and they made a fort with a sign that said “No girls allowed”? She asked, handing her another picture. It was a picture of all of the boys playing inside unaware of the girls poking their heads from behind the tree spying on them.
Brenwyyn laughed. “Yes, I do remember that. That was a lot of fun. We did that for the whole summer and they had no idea that we were spying on them.”
    “Yep, and the looks on their faces when we told them at the end of the summer. So funny.” They laughed.
    “Awe! Look at this one. It’s with you and Garrett. Remember when he liked you for longest time? That was hilarious.”
    “I don’t think it was very funny.” Emillianna tried to hold a straight face but ended up laughing anyways.
    They looked at pictures from the earliest times of their friendship all the way up to recently. They were laughing and crying and were having the most amazing time.
    All of a sudden they heard people screaming. They packed up the pictures and went outside to find out what was happening.


  1. I miss reading your novel! I'm so happy that you've decided to finish it!